As We Knew It is a webserial set in the Crying Lakes Continent – specifically, in the kingdom of Findal. Findal is reaching the end of a spell of peace and tranquility, and this is signified by the threat of war and the rapid industrialization it would create. But this is only the most obvious change to the lives of those who call Findal home, and there is much more slowly working its way into the tapestry.

The story is told in rotating perspectives, and the cast is large and varied, following Princes, soldiers, merchants, farmers, worldspeakers, and everyone in between. There are, however, three “main characters” insofar as they open the story and narrate more chapters than other characters. Knox is a captain that epitomizes the reluctant hero; Mikhail is his half-brother and a Prince full of ideals. Charity is a mayor (and Knox’s wife), pragmatic but perpetually overwhelmed.

As We Knew It is character-driven, moved along by the cast’s goals and their reactions to the tumultuous times they are living through. This is a fancy way of saying that this is my first time undertaking a project of this scale and as such I have only planned a very general path for the plot to take.

I’m honest, at least!

You can contact me at ckwritesstuff@gmail.com.

Support for As We Knew It comes from you, the reader. You can help me to create As We Knew It by becoming a patron on Patreon! Patreon is a service which allows users to make small, recurring contributions to creators whose work they enjoy. These are not one-time donations; you are charged the same amount each month. View As We Knew It’s Patreon here.

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